Located in the Kvarner bay at the foot of the mountain and nature park Učka (1.401m), Opatija is a great choice for summer and winter vacation.

Beautiful nature, parks, old Austro-Hungarian villas, seaside promenade and beaches attract turists from Europe and the world allready more than 160 years already. Opatija is the leading tourist destination in the republic of Croatia for the organization of conferences, seminars and symposia.

Festivals, concerts, exhibitions and other cultural and sport events Opatija offers year round cultural entertainment.

Opatija is a tourist town, with a picturesque appearance. With its tradition and appearance, Opatija is different from other tourist cities because it is his, although brief history is very vivid.

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Fast walking or just simply walking, you might most enjoy nature and its endless beauty. Then you can specify yourself rhythm and speed.

If something interests you on your trip, you can stop wherever you like, on a meadow or on the beach and remain in place as you lake.                                                                                                     

Options of sports and recreational activities and experiences are diverse. Opatija provides a unique atmosphere – numerous, well marked paths and walking trails with the possibility of professional guidance, then a variety of other sports, tennis, cycling and horse riding tours and possibility of sport flights. Almost there is no sport that lack in Opatija.


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While lounging on the terrace in one of Opatijas numerous cafes, it is difficult to decide how to spend your precious free moments because there is so many possibilities and time is short. Opatija is the center of modern Croatia Riviera since ancient Austro-Hungarian monarchy, and thanks to the new energy and adapting modern tourism trends, the Opatija is today.

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